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I hope I wasn’t the only one who noticed. among all the craziness of the ‘turn down for what’ video that this scene appeared for just a second.

You can see the officer pointing the gun into the mans mouth, I think maybe its a subliminal act of suicide. just look at the way hes holding the gun. If you where to crop this just to show the man it will look like  hes holding the gun to his own mouth…


                     "So long pal,...."    
R.I.P Bob Hoskins 1942-2014

Smile, darn ya, smile
You know this old world is a great world after all
Smile, darn ya, smile
And right away watch “Lady Luck” pay you a call

Things are never black as they are painted
Time for you and joy to get acquainted
Make life worthwhile
Come on and smile, darn ya, smile

Smile, darn ya, smile
For there is nothing that you cannot overcome
Smile, darn ya, smile
And where the clouds appear you soon will find the sun

Life is really only what you make it
Stand right up and show them you can take it
Make life worthwhile
Come on and smile, darn ya, smile

OMG I think I figured it out but yknow its a stretch

if ricks morty isn’t his original morty and he takes those ‘free morty’ hand out ticket things like that not to mention the crying and this isnt his real grandson, hes just not ready to accept his real grandson dying, im guessing that’s why hes such a jerk to this one but there are moments. I bet if that’s true he has to live with a lot of pain

I really cant figure out this recent episode, I liked it, but cant wrap my brain around this one

ok night night people, you guys can figure this one out on your own maybe it was intended to make no sense for once?

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